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Jim Medway

Jim Medway

Jim has drawn weekly strips New at the Zoo and Crab Lane Crew for The DFC, self-published TeenWitch and Garden Funnies, and ran Comical Animal, a quarterly online funny animal publication. Jim has been designing and leading workshops for all ages, across the UK since 2006. He works with primary and secondary schools, foundation and degree courses, galleries and museums, as well as libraries, youth clubs, health and community groups.  Jim uses his comics narrative skills in Create Comics workshops to give participants the basic tools needed to create their own sequential art. He enjoys encouraging people to produce historical, social, autobiographical and fictional comics, and get involved in self-publishing.

He finds the time to produce books for children as well, through 8Books. His recent title Land of the Frontiebacks, written By Cecil Brasher, was winner of Junior Magazines’ Childrens’ Book Of The Year Design Award 2014. Playing Out is his first graphic novel. 

Jim lives in Furness Vale, High Peak, with his family.

Playing Out
– Jim Medway
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