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Chalk Marks is the new imprint from Blank Slate, providing a deluxe-format space for new creators to house short-form work. Each 285x211mm (approx 11×8 inches) saddle-stitched title comes with a gorgeous wrap-around┬ádust-jacket┬ácover and a whole lotta love.

Where to buy?

Check out our 2011 Chalk Marks releases below:

001 Accidental Salad CHALK MARKS
The Accidental Salad
- Joe Decie

Chalk Mark 1 (May 2011)

003 James Teacher1 CHALK MARKS
A Long Day of Mr. James-Teacher

Chalk Mark 5 (Nov 2011)

002 Dinopop CHALK MARKS
- Nick Edwards

Chalk Mark 4 (Nov 2011)

007 Survivalist CHALK MARKS
The Survivalist
- Box Brown

Chalk Mark 7 (December 2011)

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