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A Felt Mistress Coke catch-up

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For some time now we’ve been meaning to tell you about a cool thing that Felt Mistress did for the Coca-Cola company, which they only announced last month so we aren’t that late really. Coca-Cola has a big anniversary this year: 100 years of that famous bottle. One thing they did to celebrate is ask seven different people to create Coca-Cola bottles in seven different materials including wood, ceramics and even a pinata, to feature in their 2015 Worldwide Calendar – The Shape of Happiness. Louise’s contribution to this Coca-Cola celebration is of course made entirely from felt.


What you might not know from looking at that picture is that Louise’s bottle is almost 1 metre tall! She was finding it difficult to work at the same scale as an actual Coke bottle (they sent her one to work from) so she got out her ruler and examined the bottle’s construction and scaled it up.

IMG_1853 copy

The design of the Coca-Cola bottle was a great help because the contours are actually in segments (either six or seven segments in total, wrapping around the bottle) so she was able to apply this same principle of  segments to her design.  The result is a very faithfully reproduced contour bottle at a large scale. She cut out the Coca-Cola logo by hand with a knife, surgical scalpel style, and then the logo was stitched into place on the bottle.


At one point there was some discussion about whether this bottle should have a face on it, and a design was attempted and then abandoned. A particularly nice touch is that the contour curve found its way onto the shoes of the Coca-Cola character. You  might have expected to see a swoosh or three stripes on those tasty trainers but there is a contour curve instead,  a little extra detail that you might have noticed if you were paying attention – but now you don’t have to because we’ve pointed it out for you.

If you want your own copy of the Coke Calendar that isn’t in German like the one below, we don’t have any idea where you’d get one but if you try their website you might find out!


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  1. SBO
    on Apr 16th, 2015
    @ 9:34 am

    Thank you for publishing this because I have learned a lot of knowledge.
    I like to drink Coke. Do you like me?

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