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Blank Slate to publish HARVEYJAMES’ A Long Day of Mr. James-Teacher

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Those of you who follow the Blank Slate Twitter feed may have seen us re-tweet Blank Slate head honcho Kenny Penman’s excited declaration that we’ll be publishing HARVEYJAMESA Long Day of Mr. James-Teacher in our Chalk Marks line. It’s absolutely true, and I can confirm that we’re preparing it for print immediately, for a launch sometime in the very, very near future.

Originally a self-published comic set within its creator’s stint as an English teacher in South Korea, the Chalk Marks edition will feature a new content, an all-new cover, and–of course—comes in the same deluxe format as our premiere title in the imprint, Joe Decie’s The Accidental Salad.

Make sure to follow the Blank Slate Blog/ Twitter feed/ Facebook page for more info and a release date as we have it. In the mean time, you should check out this preview of the comic on HARVEYJAMES’ blog and mull over the following mysterious teaser image of something we have planned for the book’s launch…

What on Earth? Stay tuned, folks!

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    […] Currently limited to only 15, each shirt depicts a dead, but attractive, zombie literally knitting with its own guts as a skeleton cat plays in the background– a perfect gift for that ghoul gal in your life! As a bonus, Harvey’s offering up copies of his comic, A Long Day of Mr. James-Teacher, which is currently scheduled to be re-published by Blank Slate Books. […]

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