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Alby Figgs

A collection of Warren Pleece’s first year of strips with his talkative septuagenarian Londoner, Alby Figgs, as he wanders around town giving everyone the ‘benefit’ of his vast array of tales of the old times and his philosophical musings about life. Park bench sage or public enemy number 50,000? A man with an incredibly connected path or just a serial fabricator?

This book of Warren’s ongoing webcomic features 53 strips, revised and remixed for this print edition, plus a few other special features.

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In this memoir of childhood, Barnaby Richards recounts how his family moved to Beirut in 1980 just as the already unstable situation in the Lebanon was about to turn into something worse. We see what it is like to live amidst chaos in a city where guns and bullets are commonplace, where danger lurks just round the corner. All seen through the eyes of a child who can’t get his tongue round the word Beirut–it becomes Beetroot–a world populated with his own wild imaginings as well as the reality of feeling he is living as if he were Lebanese: a blue eyed, arab boy.

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